Månadslotten (ideellaspel.se)
A website for Ideella Spel AB. The monthly ticket is a ticket where the money goes to charity. Among others, it supports Synskadades Riskförbund. The project was a collaboration with Hanna Wanngård.
Portfolio (sorhuus.se)
A digital portfolio can take many different forms. We help you design a personal style to your page. The example is taken from Tom Sörhuus Graphic Design.
Occident (occident.se)
Occident is an agency that specializes in web publishing, consulting and hosting. Mon-Sun Design also made Occident’s graphic program.
Anna Jonasson (annajonasson.com)
Another example of a portfolio as we did for freelance journalist Anna Jonasson. This page includes audio clips from radio reports. (The image is cropped.)